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Artist:Obsidian Gate
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Track:When Death Unchains The Spectre
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:In the eyes of death I journey,
a vortex of supreme black gales
where swift light of deep
blue Kaos
focus in the invincible blackness.
My evil soul grows in strength...

shell of flesh is left behind
in torrents of fire that survived all time
in an obscure
stardust's circle
where I unite with my burning self.
I am one with my dark

The universe surrounds me, black and cold,
the supremity that is immortal
in a floating afterlife's ocean
when through astral forces I enter

"Darkness of death, take my soul...
Beauty of death, take my cold
Take me far away from the living,
tear apart all dimensions of earth.
darkness is eternal and no life dwells
I shall become enthroned by the other side."

the spectrum of the deceased
I pass through the vortex gate
unto dark horizons in night's
and I dissolve into glass,
into shards of soul-crystals
cutting through flesh
like daggers.
I scream in purest anguish
ehen my spectre is unleashed!

Eyes, grim
and shadowblack
carry me forth on their gaze
into the center of the sun
into the glare
of the moon...
Beams of light form a new being,
a shape of whirling materia.

evil soul, my tyrannous spectre
becomes unchained - A demon is born.

Death was the
beginning, not the end,
when the universe made me supreme
to haunt the living...
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