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Artist:Obscure Disorder
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Album:Maintain The Focus 12
Track:Small Talk clean
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:featuring Kinetic Energy (Arsonists)

Make the quick decision
recognition or the limelight
{Fuck} all gimmicks I rather connect like websites

Visions took flight of all the money and the jiggy
But when it crashed back to Earth the
true worth was shown to me
Indepents circle means will find ways to work it
On the
next EP you see how Audio Researched it
Without big stars but we keep it tight like
Half-ass cats, more wigs split than segregation
But never the less,
my thought process on progress
When the vinyl's pressed, got no time to ever second guess

Get the picture, we make moves like Bobby Fisher
All over the map, bumrushing cats
like the militia
Coming back home, we're analyzed and scrutinized
Trying to make a
name, cutting us off like we were circumsized
Peeps are respected in the words are reflected

Walking on the path they paved, never deflected

In these
thought process, I'mma bless y'all with the real from the onset
Classify me as a prospect, I
deserve all my props kid
In this collective, can't y'all see from no angles
respective, found the road to success without directions
More succeess perhaps, y'all
regress because y'all possess 6 shots per gat
Six, six sides of rap, you're sick man,
Like neurotransmitters sharper than my rest synapse(?)
And ask yourself,
how's that?
Word from the wise cat, you should have studied me better
My cranial
beretta, mentally inclined to stack cheddar
Under, most circumstance, my foes are clean
Bustin' b-boy stance, I vanquish to enhance this
Rap isht, Islam establish
in my mob cause havoc
Yours are wrapped in plastic, and mine (aaaaah) is patented

Lyrically hazardous, in regards I won't get blaphemous
Sinking O.D., you must be a masocist

"Keep on walking, keep on talking
Running through this brand
new world"
"Keep on walking, keep on talking
Running through this brand new world"

[Kinetic Energy]
I make {niggaz} get a world of silent treatment, use kinesis

To throw away pieces
while you wait for Jesus I be the reason hell freezes

The wind is breezeless, and souls are ghost and trapped in avalanches
Changing standard, my
anthem to fulfill the universe's answers
Intellects reject it with the methid, of what the
hell's {niggaz} saying
Instead of rewinding,
they ingonre the fact that it was
genius in the making
Those not ranking, I'm barely scraping from the plate that dodges my
???? ????, inspired freezes, slap you stupid like a whore
Frustration grazes
metamorph through phases, hit your flow out the door
Shut down more warmth than solar,
energenic song but it's just the norm
I might be on, so I grimace pivot the valley of the
Live by the book embedded in my chest and in my heart is sworn

Medical prose cleverly written, virtuoso spitten
Samples of periodical
flows is leaking like a kid is
Steadily awaiting for the entry of a third leg, release

In the beginning there is prophecies and revelations
Lyrically exposed signals the
first time situation
The basic evaluation, it prepares us for the thousands we sold

Tow and a half in the cities and public housing
Let the truth be told, I must admit it
But in God we trust, it gives us a push more like a bumrush
the speed while still holding the clutch
We never go Dutch, withhold no grudge
shows when other {motherfucker} wouldn't even bother budge
See I cut you off, so call me
John Deere when I get here
I used to think about maybe rising, now I'm crystal clear

Give me percentage of your cabbage and I'll take one share
While shifting the gear like
speed while you're still in the rear
'Cause it's a must where we're living in this shadow of
And when the tires keep in switching to a Current Affair
I'm still on the air


"Keep on" (scratched by DJ A-Trak)

"Keep on like Erykah or etc" <-- ?
"Keep on" (scratched by DJ A-Trak

on and on and on" <-- ?
"Check it"

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