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Artist:OBIE TRICE (f/ Eminem)
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Track:Hands On You
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Obie Trice]
Babe uh, yeah!
Girl, you my only one though aight, haha
You my baby, fuck
all that shit
You're the one for me
Check it out.

[Verse - Obie Trice]
Baby I'm
feeling the feelings you giving, I'm feelin your style
And I'm willing to let my guard down to
figure you out
I'm picturing your figure in a swimsuit wiling
Somewhere in the Caribbean
Cause the vibe you giving me now
Feels like I'm an innocent child
Sinning is
never tempting when other womens around
Hands down, this is my vow
I never heard a moan
sound so profound
When a nigga's digging you out, phone rings
You cuss them motherfuckers
out, quit calling the house!
If I call, you're in route
There's a drought, you look
I'm on edge, you put the palm of your hand on my head and squeeze
Please believe I ain't
scared of commitment
Fuck head from them bitches!
When you could do the same, but that
respect is given
Our intimacy is significantly different

[Chorus - Eminem (Obie
You gon ride for me (you gon ride?)
Then I'm gon ride for you (I'm gon ride)
you put your mouth on me (put it on me)
I'm a put my mouth on you
Together there ain't
nothing we can't do (there's nothing)
Any problem we can see it through (we see it
Baby if you promise to be true (you promise?)
I will never put my hands on
Come on and think about it

[Verse - Obie Trice]
We ain't even got to talk when
we see each other
We got it all chalked out when we see each other under them covers
You my
lover, I'm your friend, I'm your man, but I'm sayin
Who needs a label, we roll hand in
Visions of you having my little man
We j
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