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Track:On Top The Cage
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I look out below me the clouds on top the blue
kids thinking about nothing, cause there's

absolutely nothing to do.
The door ain't wide just open, open to the sky
On top the
cage keep hopin', sayin cause on top
the cage just try, on top the cage
Help out your
brother to the light at peace is a
helping hand
With help from our mother we shine so
bright and
march to the father's land
I said we take the spot and we take it up top
the key fits in the lock
You come with me on this lifting walk, and you
know you
never come back
Because on top the cage is the harmony that bars
and chains never
Wherever we go it's not far for me, better befriend
old man time.

I stood on
top of this cage one night, all night long
From here the view was proud
I could see all
these beautiful clouds
So I told people come out of your cage
Time to break lock
Join together march on top hold my hand, say
goodbye to never
You can be my man
if you want to hang out here
Just me and my girl on top of this world and we sit
there and
we stare
At the clouds, green hills, and the mountaintops,
and the river to the side
can come too, if you want, you don't have to hide
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