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Track:Hold On True
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:back in the day...
oh, it wasn't that far.
not a day goes by that won't be in the back
take today as a sample to you.
it looks cloudy outside,
what are you gonna
well, we could get up
or we could get on down
we could drive to the country or head
maybe i'll join you too
we could have been so much better off than before
we held on true

take today, and go walk for a while
well just sit back jack and relax
and enjoy a smile
well let your mind go...
for a minute or two,
let your mind levitate
for a delicate few.

we could have been so much better off than before
if we held on

i said but lately i've been feeling mighty old
i said the sun has got me cracked
and this wind has got me cold
and i'm so damn tired of losing my friends
every single time i
go and lose my ends
i say but that's okay, i'm on my way
and in awhile when i realize
there's something new
but until then i got to hold on true...
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