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Track:Dareh Meyod
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Tuesday's coming my baby
I told you Wednesday morning
It's not too late for us
My bags
aren't out the door baby
Dont you know life's a feeling
But without you it's
It's not too late for us
My bags aren't out the door baby
Tuseday's coming and
I'm not gonna laeve you here darling

It's a shame you cant hear me
Scream my lungs out
believe me
The miles burn me up
I'm living just to watch your fire darling
I'm headed
out for the road now
The engines hold me while sleeping
A road might take me away
its sure enough to bring me home baby
Tuesday's coming
And I'm not gonna leave you here

Tuesday's coming. Dedhambeh dareh meyod
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