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Artist:Oak Ridge Boys
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Track:The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Among the local taverns they'll be a slack in business
'Cause Jesse's drinkin' came before the
groceries and the rent
Among the local women they'll be a slack in cheatin'
'Cause Jesse
won't be be steppin' out again.

They baptized Jesse Taylor in Cedar Creek last Sunday

Jesus gained a soul and Satan lost a good right arm
They all cried "Hallelujah" as Jesse's
head went under
'Cause this time he went under for the Lord.

The scars on Jesse's
knuckles were more than just respected
The county courthouse records tell all there is to tell

The pockets of the gamblers will soon miss Jesse's money
And the black eye of the law will
soon be well.


From now on Nancy Taylor can proudly speak to neighbors

Tell how much Jesse took up with little Jim
Now Jimmy's got a daddy and Jesse's got a
And Franklin County's got a lot more man.

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