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Artist:Oak Ridge Boys
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Track:Ozark mountain Jubilee
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I hear a rooster crowin'
It's a frosty mornin'
I can almost see the sign
Goin' so
fast I can't stop
I'm just a stones-throw from Little Rock
Headin' for that Missouri

Don't need a map to get there
You can get there from anywhere
When you're
goin' in your head
I can see the arms outreachin'
Just like the day I was leavin'

It's been oh so many years.

Let me get on the Frisco Silver Dollar Line
Take my
And see all I can see
Fiddler rosin up your bow
We'll have our own
Mountain Jubilee

If I can't be a favorite son
I'll be the prodigal one
I've been gone too long
Oh how the years have flown by
Oh how I've realized
How much
of me is gone.

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