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Track:Promnight Queen
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:I saw you crying in the hall
Ind I realized that he was gone
I asked you about the reason
You told me everything's all right
But then you started touching my hand,
I thought
a chance like this won't come again
It was three day to promnight so
Do you want me by your
And I know I shouldn't write this song
Cause you won't talk from now on
But let me
try to say
I need to explain what I felt that day
You're my promnight queen

my promnight queen
Yes you asked me out
I feel happy now
I don't understand what's going
You're my promnight queen
When you kiss my neck
I think I'm getting mad
And I
wanna give you anything you need

I got my car I'm feeling fine
I'm gonna have some fun
this fuckin' night
I'm driving slow down on main street
The radio's giving some good
I'm at your house you're coming down,
The magic in the air's already come
I see
your dress and I say hey
I take your hand we're going away
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