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Artist:Nappy Roots feat. The Barkays
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Track:Ho Down
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Nappy Roots feat. The Barkays

Ho Down
It was a ho-down...

[Skinny DeVille]
Walked into the club and farted
Damn! Look at
shawty - off in the cut actin naughty
Eye contact, made sure that she saw me
Said y'all,
don't get it twisted like I'm ballin
Down south stripper from New Orleans, thick as mud

Baby show me love, with a little tittie rub
Said, "hit me later on baby, maybe we can
Said, "sound like a plan" wit my hand on her butt
But shit hit the fan sho' nuff,
nigga hold up
Baby doll had a man, matta fact was a soldier
Ain't that a beyotch! He was
sittin on the sofa
Smokin on some doja, tryna see some exposure
Had the whole spot sold up
- legs tired
Bar done closed up, all of a sudden her man showed up
Automobiles, planes,
and locomotives
Train with the (?) see both ran through (?)
Tag-teamed that beyotch, then
I called my niggaz over
They smashed in the 'Lac, popped that twat like a soda
Vodka with
the white stuff, you know when I act sober
And niggaz in the back, seen with the freak in the
It was a ho-down

[Chorus: The Barkays + (Skinny)]
I can't believe that
she's real... (it was a ho-down)
The way she makes me feel... (another ho-down)
If you
knew what I knew... (it was a ho-down)
You would be down in there too... (another ho-down)

Uh, now peep game of a star, stepped out the car
Walked through the door,
checked the bitch at the bar
Eyeing her down, while I split my cigar
Can I offer you a
drink or some dick in the park? (haha)
You know I'm just sayin that to get you mad
But you
knowin damn well I wanna hit yo' ass
Yo I ain't the type of nigga that be jumpin the gun

But you lookin like a dime piece and I'm huntin for one
What's ya name? Nah, better yet, what's
ya game?
Wanna ride in the Navigator, switchin four lanes?
Or chill up in the bathroom,
sniffin cocaine?
Said she's the type of girl to get down with no shame
And everything I
said before was no thang
We ran outside, and jumped in the ride
Next thing I know I'm
gettin head while I drive
Eyes open wide, down 65 (it's a ho-down)

[Chorus -

[B. Stille]
(It was a ho-down) I knew it was all great
When the hoe caught
me late in room 508
Oh she got live on tape, the price was low-rate
Plus she had a nice
showcase, you thought she was ya soulmate?
Just because she got some shove in her can

Doesn't mean your 'sposed to go and fall in love with her man
Kissin and huggin and actin, in
love with her man
Takin her out to restaurants and, rubbin her hands
If you knew what I
knew, you wouldn't do what you do
But it's true that you, had no clue what she do
Cuz you
trust her through, thick and thin
You missed it when, she was gettin live offa fifth of
Get rammed in by me, while she lick my friends
When she finally came home you probably
kissed her then (lame-o)
The more you tried to claim the hoe was an angel
The quicker I
realized the freak was a stank-hoe (it was a ho-down)

[Chorus - 3X]
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