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Artist:Nappy Roots
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Track:Sick and Tired
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Chorus - Anthony Hamilton]
I'm sick and tired of being critisized
I'm sick and tired of
barely gettin by
I'm sick and tired of not livin right
I'm sick and tired of being sick and

I'm sick and tired of being pushed aside
I'm sick and tired of callin folks for
I'm sick and tired of this petty life
I'm sick and tired of being sick and

What is life what is makin it
for peace is there a price
tell me
if you rich you only gotta worry about more shit
the house, the car notes, child support and kin
kick doors "mo money, mo problems" thats how it goes

Man, I'm
gettin tired of runnin and duckin, quit runnin then
Especially when I ain't did nothin, do
somethin then
out here in these cold streets hustlin
po, tryin to make this dough 'fore the
police bustin in

And then its what it could'a been should'a been
yourself outside lookin in
givin up feelin stuck
mad at the world cause you down and they
gettin up
mad at yourself cause you know you shouldnt be given up

I'm tired and sick of bummin rides
on top of that my nine to five
sucks for a
couple bucks
and change now whats the reason why
my luck don't amount to fuck
no matter
how hard I try
I'm stuck in the 22 now catch me when Im sick and


[Ron Clutch (R. Prophit)]

Prophit, check this out
gettin tired of mama breakin her neck for the pay check
they makin her sweat seem like everyday
she stressed

(I've had up to here with pussyfooters actin like we owed you
lets see "you know who" like Im supposed to throw you somethi
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