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Artist:Nappy Roots
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Track:Lac Dogs and Hogs
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Cars revving]

[Chorus 4x - Nappy Roots]
(Yes) Oh yes it's them Lac Dogs, Caddy Hogs
and D.T.S.'s
(Oh yes) It's them Lac Dogs, Caddy Hogs and D.T.S.'s

[Verse 1 - Skinny
Skinny talkin bout that wood with that custom leather, bangin down I-65
Slaw and
slum but dubs are better, who you think gon' keep it live?
It's Nappy bitch, what have to
Pay attention, learn your lesson, yup
We them country folk with Caddy Hogs and
D.T.S.'s, Lac Dogs
What you think that Nappy gon' be broke forever? Shit naw
Hit the bank
and cashin in on old investments
What, you ain't know about them country fried
Does that Likwit hit in '97 Answer all yo' Questions ?
Kentucky's on the map
now, who you think done gave directions?
From the top and back down, we rep the country to
Don't it look so slum with 55 from New York down to Texas?
Hella poor straight
from the South and haters must respect this


[Verse 2 - Ron
(Let me tell you about it)
When I first got my baby she could barely
A-hand-me-down from a real O.G., all day she stayed in park
Almost never did she
Born in 1979
And she weighed about a ton
Big ol' body built to run
First thing
I done, hauled her over, had her hummin G notes
Underneath her hood, hundreds of horses powered
her ego
Her government name was Coup Deville but I called her Miss Piggy
Top her with some
(?) and fit her for some twenties (twenties)
Playas hate that I be trickin like she's all that
I'm love with
So we took her to the edge and shoved it and still "Ball out on a Budget"
in her guts, laced her up with leather and wood
Together it go good, us country boys forev
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