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Artist:Nappy Roots
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Track:Set It Out
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Skinny DeVille]
Smoked the bong to the bang and got crunk
Shorty with the thong and the
chain's about to get nutty
From my song my hands, I ain't tryna be ya buddy
Let a player cut
somethin *scratching*
Now it's on anything that got drunk
Skully took it strong to the
brain, and I'm
talkin dirty to this broad, "where yo' mayne?"
Think about it, till early in
the mo'nin, bout 7:30
Get it on with the Philly, light the blunt and hell it's on
If ya
tryna hit me, then hit me on my cella-phone
Really homes, take a hunnie with the
Tighter than an S-Type sittin right on plenty chrome
Strong in the game, but not to
play with anyone
Yeaga like to dance, but not just to any song
Gotta be the one, that rep
well clear from
"No perm, no fade, no brush, no comb"

[Hook: Skinny] - 2X
somethin, drank somethin, cut somethin, what (set it out)
Broke somethin, drank somethin, cut
somethin, what (set it out)
Broke somethin, drank somethin, cut somethin, what (set it
Broke, drank, cut, what (set it out)

[Skinny DeVille]
Made the next call for
the drink, the drink; straight to the head
Stuck on the wall, thumbtack, but what I shoulda
Focus on the sack and sip just a little bit
Blame it on the Jack D, get back to the
Look I'm a mack, I think ya ass fulla shit
It ain't the way ya talkin broad, who ya
think ya foolin wit?
Any nigga off the street, he game, school the chick
A hoe is a hoe fa
sho', and any shoe'll fit
Call it what you want, blunt lit in the club crunk
Drunk than a
muh'fucker, split tryna cut somethin
Quick now us want somethin, and the broad lookin
Whattchu think he slicker than the liquor tryna move his dick?

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