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Artist:Nappy Roots
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Track:Riches To Rags
Date Added:18/10/2007
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There are times when you get suckered in
By drugs, and alcohol, and sex with
But it's when you do these things too much
That you've become an addict, and
must get back in



Alcohol, drugs, sex, you've become an addict(too much)
Alcohol, drugs, sex, sex(too
Alcohol, drugs, sex, you've become an addict
Alcohol, drugs, sex, sex(too

He wore the finest stuff, platinum chains with diamond cuts
Hawaiian slush,
combined with wine and coconuts.
[Pushed a 'lac, gator shoes, amani suits, shahou(?)
hoes, plenty loot, a major nigga, a paid nigga.]
Kept some red Jarans, plus a big benz, plus a
lex jeep
Plus the best friends, plus he jet ski, in Texas.
{Flash the big chedda,
wu-leather, new chedder, gucci sweata
Spillin' armaredda in a black Baretta
For the fools
who change like blue weather.}
[His tailor-made Armani suits, played with Tommy boots
more hummers than army troops, word to my men Dukes.]
Look at him 'sached down, more kids than
Bobby Brown
Had a private jet, planned the odds he bet, two keys inside his vest.
{I keep
the gold chain, and a cold dame,
We drove a fast car in a slow lane,
With caviar with the
white cocaine flick it all in the dope game.}
[Snooort coke, push dope, down to cut, a nigga
Spunt half of his summer, cruisin' on a, love


[Mmmkay]{anyway}[mmm-hmm]{for real?}
[Is that right?]{feel
that}[Go'n ahead balla]{do ya thang}
[Is that
right?]{feel that}[Go ahead playa]{do yo thang}

Spring break, Virginia Beach, had a pair
of, gold skis-acap
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