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Artist:Nappy Roots
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Album:Wooden Leather
Track:War/ Peace
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[R. Prophet]

[Chorus 4x - Nappy Roots]
WarPeace, c'mon Nappy
now say it, Roots

[R. Prophet]
I got a telegram from a pelican
Said in the clouds
last night she got higher then she's ever been
Seen shuttles and huddles, hard rocks and war
In real life our words in distorted sound
Coke and Hen' mix, guitar Jimi
Smokes and blunts but this is my experience
The world's corrupt, how can I defend
Need more love, that's why I have to send it

[B. Stille]
Know what it is when
you really tryin to be somethin
But in your minds you really can't find nothin
But am I
wrong if a preacher can't reach me?
Or am I dumb cause a teacher can't teach me?
I'm too
black for this world here to bleach me
I'm too much hell for this heaven here to keep me
you can beat me, slander me, cancel me
But see I'm real so you still gotta answer


[Skinny Deville]
The thought of all destruction, man ain't nothin
gonna last
I feel the pain and sufferin, the system done collapsed
Wood is burnin, big
construction's burnin, holdin on a pass
Shattered glass the aftermath, tragic death is on the
Empty shells, the ghetto's extinct, there's heaven and there's hell
Burnin souls, the
opposite of peace for 7 million years
Started livin well, self-esteem, been lovin with
It's time for revolution, get yo' gauge and bullets off the shelf
Because it's

[Ron Clutch]
Because the end is almost here but I done been here before
So I
haven't any fear for I trust in the Lord
When I die nobody cry, nobody shed not a tear
the middle of the floor pour out your
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