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Track:Roll Again
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Niggaz was goin crazy with me
It was our first video, nigga
You know we was gon'
come back to the country road
I don't know...yyyeah
Y'all-y'all ready to roll
(Wussup) Lets ride then
Ah, yup, hit 'em

[Big V]
Way before platinum
there was a place we used to go
and ride for hours at a time on a country road
troublin, you can let it go
I get out of the car and walk through it, visit the river and talk
to it
Simply sayin, "Mr. water, what is it that you runnin from?"
Asked the bird in the
tree, "What is it that you hummin for?"
Now knowin Why the Caged Bird Sings is wishin to be
Reminded myself of life and it's hold on me
Touring, the children, women, sexual
Religion means so much to me, the church don't see enough of me
This way, that
way, bendin corners tryin to get away
Sometimes you have to see a storm to appreciate a pretty
BACK in the car now, headed for the liquor store
God, what a vivid scene, diggin what I
just seen
Rolled up another one, still in a daze though
Gassed up at the Mini-Mart, my mind
on the country roads

[Chorus 2x - Nappy Roots]
I just wanna goooo
On the country
roads and get blowwwwed
On the country roads again rolllll
Been on the country roads

[Skinny Deville]
Yo, we off in these backwoods Caddy-hoggin, Nappy dawg, ain't no
We glad they robbin, rap imposters, for they problem no hope
It's cutthroat, we hungry
starvin, chargin for the front do'
You want mo'? We smoke and sparkin, jokers like the blunt
Been shovin folk for plenty miles, yes I'm the type to grin and bear it
The second chance
and out the box, I'm back again with 'd
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