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Track:Nappy Roots Day
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Big V]
One of them is fat and loud
second one is black and proud
Third one's drunk and
fourth one slip and slid
one of them is just shy
last one is young and
homegrown battle tested you gonna love these guys
brought the hood on them guys
best story told yet bonded against all odds
aint no tearin them apart
swore (?) till death
do them in
even in reincarnation they would do it again

[Ron Clutch]
Who would ever
thought six different strands
would lock together locked forever
rockin leathery wood told
you chicken and cris go good
with some watermelon albums sellin coast to coast
across the
seas gave everything we could
our tears our sweat our blood, cuz

I am
because we are
we are because I am
Everbody say
We are on a holiday

Now throw
your hands to the sky
turn up the music just ride
we representin right
we are on a

we are because I am
I am because we are
Hey, its Nappy Roots Day!
are on a holiday

Now throw your hands to the sky
bounce to the music we ride
represintin right
We are on a holiday

[B. Stille (R. Prophit)]
Now we stronger than
wood, playa (we tougher than leather)
Us yeaga's hustle together (uh uh not just for the
Look here we trustin each other (Sayin "um you fuck with my brother?)
you gotta
suffer the reprocutions we come from the gutter
(white kangol white glass six stripped suit with
the matching)
boots came from the ostrich blowin smoke out the nostrals
(havin trouble with
student loans we struggle for too long)
but now we can move on put that on my tombstone
are because I am aint hard to understand
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