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Artist:Nappy Roots
Taken from the album Watermelon Chicken & Gritz by Nappy Roots
Album:Watermelon Chicken & Gritz
Track:Country Boyz
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hook: All]
We just some country boys - country walk, country talk
Don't bring it round
here 'less ya know fa sho' it's jumpin off
We just some country boys - country walk, country
Don't bring it round here 'less ya know fa sho' it's jumpin off

Uhhh.. this nigga no games (games)
With my Hanes tee shirt, with a pic and roll
chain (chain...)
Doo-rag, heavy blue 'Lac - 85 South, don't drive it too fast (too
My niggaz don't roll no billies,
get a big box of them brown Dutches (brown
We don't want no brand new Cartel
Brandon lemme get them keys to the Cutlass
Represent for the M-I-L, the A-T-L, the Macktown (Macktown)
Stay smokin that
smackdown, keep myself a little half pound (half pound)
You know B. Stille in the cut, on the
back po'ch Jig drillin it up
Black folks just livin it up, court next week not givin a
What's up? Grown standin - only rap to them grown women (grown women)
Stay high,
we'll play shy, least till I can get home wittem
Shorty whattchu thinkin? Whattchu drinkin? -
thinkin it is what it ain't
I cain't be trickin, so don't be trippin, thinkin I can't when I
Come on..

[Hook: All]

[Skinny DeVille]
Nigga hooked it up,
like the waitress from the IHOP
Nothin but the grits, steak, and egg with that
waitin for
the five dollar pancake, front-back side to side
Them polly country boy, Cadillac, cat sick in
the multi-color
All clean (twenty inches) at the seam (plenty chickens)
Get the green
(spit the swishers) at the Beam (shit done seem)
Craziest muh'fucker, what y'all niggaz do for
Never knock the hustle scheme, only what the cheddar bring
Hate, fake-niggaz, hoes,
envy, greed, jealousy
Cain't hate, what a nigga make, type of enemies
Smilin in my face
but they really ain't no friend to me
Cain't wait, send em eight straight nine
Aww hell naw, y'all niggaz ain't feelin me!
Colt 45 e'rytime like Billy
Ninety-five (?) leave through Tennessee
Quarter pound with the chron' fuckin wit my

[Hook: All]

[Hook 2: Fish Scales + (R. Prophit)]
Peanut butter
(Rag-tops) - what's fuckin wit that?!
(String beans) pork chops - what's fuckin wit
Dime sack (with the gnac') - what's fuckin wit that?!
What's fuckin with that?!
What's fuckin wit that?!
Every Chevy (on dubs) - what's fuckin wit that?!
strip clubs - what's fuckin wit that?!
Nappy Roots (hey dawg) - what's fuckin wit
What's fuckin wit that?! What's fuckin wit that?!

[Fish Scales]
Go down
to the country, you won't wanna go back
Vertical grills in front of the 'Lac
Guns roll so
fast put one in my back
Plus a buncha country boys wit gats, you don't want none-a
Keep - my nine - right beside me, at all times
Cuz I be in the line, like somma these
niggaz you find
Don't want you to shine, right yea..

[R. Prophit]
From the side
and nine-to-nine
Roll around here somethin tryna sell mine
Lord know but I got a dime
early time
Got me feelin to', now my Eggo's cold
See I'm a country boy (Huh?) Close the
door (Huh?)
Clinton and Gore (Huh?) Y'all been warned (Huh?)
Guns and more - better hit
the floor
Them yeggaz want ya cuz they comin in with them laws

Fuck - yo life; buck - my chife
and I got my ride, fool, I'm ready to
For my yeggaz I'ma bring it to you dead or alive

[R. Prophit]
Yeah that's
fa sho' ya betta know that
You a nasty hoe, ya betta show that
Got a quiet lil' spot we
can go at
And if you ain't wit that, we can show you where the do' at


[Hook 2]

[music to fade
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