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Track:Cant Stop Fallin in Love - Super Euro Version
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Can't stop fallin' in love
Can't stop fallin' in love
Can't stop fallin' in love

life meant nothing to me
then a guy like you came along.
Everything's movin' so fast,
gotta get my feet on the ground.

Everyday's a long one cause I can always be with
Lying in your arms, day by day, makes me feel all so brand new.

Can't stop fallin'
in love. (can't stop fallin' in love)
Baby, you'll be king. (baby, you'll be king)
love with you is all I wanna do. (wanna do)

Say you love me, baby.
Say you will always
be mine.
You'll never break my heart, no.

Can't stop fallin' in love (can't stop
fallin' in love)
Give your heart and soul. (give your heart and soul)
Stay with me this
time, and we'll be history. (you and me)
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