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Track:Burnin the Floor
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:"He's got you buuuuuurned, yeah!"

Burn, burn, burnin's the fix
Tell me, do you really
wanna roll with this?
The heat is on, and it's time to move
So will you know just what to
Temperature's rising, no way out
Gone too far, can't stop now
So let me know you
feel it too
When the fire gets inside of you

Where have you been all of my
I've been looking for you
I wanna dance through the dark into the daylight with
I wanna burn

Burn, burn, burn the wood, burn
The rhythm's hard to ignore (Yeah,
yeah, yeah!)
Set off in me, fire
I just don't care anymore

Let's make it
On the dance floor
I could feel your vibe
When I came through the door
get it up, cos now's the time
I really wanna make you mine

Tonight, let's put it in
You and me, on a fantasy
And if you really wanna learn
I'm gonna show how to

Burn, burn, burn, you burn me
Your body's talkin' to mine
(You burn
Sizzling sensation
Our bodies locked and in time

(Oh yeah, yeah!)
You know
we're gonna burn, burn, burn the fire
Can't hold back anymore
(Talk to me, yeah!)
in me rages
I've got to burn up the floor,
Burnin' the floor,
We're burnin' the floor!
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