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Artist:Nanci Griffith
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Track:Drive In Movies And Dashboard Lights
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Sister had a crystal voice
She played a Silvertone from Montgomery Ward
Baez songs and
Monroe hair
She sure could turn the boys heads to stare
Swimwear saunter, tan and haunt
Was all she learned in school
Books were for the other girls
And the other girls
were fools
Texas back in '69 was drive in movies and dashboard lights

Father waltzed
her down the aisle
Cause college didn't suit her style
The sad truth was she could barely
But if you told dear father, well he wouldn't believe you
The telephone rang and drove
mother insane
From all the hearts left on the shelf
Sisters gone and she won't be
Cause she didn't take care of herself
Texas back in '69 was drive in movies and
dashboard lights

Where is she now
The backseat queen of fraternity
Where is she
She's heavy on thigh
And light on integrity
Someone should have told her
beautys all you offer
How soon the world disovers
That your beautys gone

Mother can't you hear your daughter crying
Father wake up her youth is
The kids are gone
Husbands gone away
And its a shame cause she had such a lovely
Can't you see she needed more than
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