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Artist:Nanci Griffith
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Track:Woman Of The Phoenix
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Well, I've listend tothe words you lovers speak
The sound f the lover's song
And I've
dreamed all the dreams that a wayward girl dreams
In a thousand places gone
Dallas was my
late night out
Radcliffe's served to roust me out
And Houston lay like Cleavland with the
color removed
And all I ever wanted
Was to wander and be wooed
Like a Woman of the
A welcomed Waterloo

I've seen the sun blaze the breast of the
I've seen her huddled in a winter freeze
And I've run cross paths of a thousand
Among the cactus and the white birch trees
Avloc ran a waterfront bar
Vito, he was
the king of theives
And Michael was a rock 'n roll hood from the Odessa plains
Now, all of
them were my kind
Wild and damn near free
But, a Woman of the Phoenix is the medicine they
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