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Track:Love Is...
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Oh na ne nana ne nana,
Oh na ne nana ne nana,

Oh... When I wake up in the morning,

There's a smile upon my face,
There's a new friend in my life,
Who will brighten
all my days,
When I see his face,
I wish upon the stars above,
No way in the
That I'm gonna hide my love...

Love is...
A feeling to protect oh
Love is...
Hugs and kisses all night long,
Love is...
Something you
can't miss,
Love is...
Hoping all my dreams come true,
Love is...
plans for me and you,
But most of all it's true
Love is you

When we are
We both have have lots of fun,
And early in morning,
Watch the rising of
the sun,
When the evening comes,
He takes me out all night,
And this time I know,

That my love is feeling right...

Love is...
Partners for a lifetime darling,

Love is...
Heaven send a star forever,
Love is...
Not to buy or rent,

Love is...
Moonlight in the darkest night,
Love is...
Change of heart and peace of
But most of all it's true
Love is you...

Oh na ne nana ne nana,

Oh na ne nana ne nana...
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