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Artist:Naked Earth
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Track:Tie Dye Fly
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We build upon the mountains and the valleys so low
We're so busy building buildings, soon we'll
have no place to go
Just maximise the profits and no-one makes a sound
Then try to shift the
blame when it all comes tumbling down
Now people, can you hear me
We're walking on shaky
I said, people, can you hear me
We're walking on shaky ground
Look into the sky:
can you believe that it was once blue
Funny, I remember the oceans were that colour
We've polluted them for progress in every city, every town
Now it seems we're running so
fast there's no time to slow down
Now people, can you hear me...
A child's smile is a light
that brightly glows
And with each smile I see, well, my hope begins to grow
So treat your
children well, my friends, and make them understand
To take care of their brothers and take care
of their land
We build our lives, we build our homes, we build our dreams
And we try to make
them so strong so nothing slips between the seams
Pain and insecurity we all try to
And hope that on the way we find something that can help fill the void
Now people, can
you hear me...
(Mark Overby;
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