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Artist:Naked Bif
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Album:Bif Naked
Track:My Bike
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:the last time i fell in love
she had red, red, hair and a ring in her lip
she called me
jellybean while playing basketball
it was so divine... but never like this!

and you
are my entity
you are my dream
yeah you're my dream:

lazy saturday like a
in the sunshine warm as arkansas
i was your tires with rose water
after the
mud bog i bathe you in my love

you are my entity
you are my dream
you are my

remember the first time i met you
and i spilled apple juice all over you

and you were all wet and sticky
and i took you and i rolled you through the forest

through the mud and leaves and tied you to a tree
and you liked it
next time i met
you i sat on you and rolled and rolled and rolled
back to the forest in the mud in the leaves

and i tied you to that same tree
and you liked it in my dream

you are my
you are my dream
you are my entity
you are my dream
you're my
(yes, i like my bike that much
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