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Artist:Naked Bif
Taken from the album Okenspay Ordway 1: Things I Forgot To Tell Mom by Naked Bif
Album:Okenspay Ordway 1: Things I Forgot To Tell Mom
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:spoken word: have ya heard?
what's it all mean? what does it really mean?
what is
it? what exactly is it: is it poetry? is it prose?
what is it: rants and raves?

some people want you to be: political.
and they want you to be pissssed offff:

they don't want you to try and be: honest.
GOD FORBID you try to be funny.
there's nothing more i can say, except that: right now:
wherever you are:
listening to this: i can guarantee you:
i'm probably: somewhere: else: ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha
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