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Artist:Naked Bif
Taken from the album Okenspay Ordway 1: Things I Forgot To Tell Mom by Naked Bif
Album:Okenspay Ordway 1: Things I Forgot To Tell Mom
Track:Infected Tattoo
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:okay already: i'm here to tell you i'm having yet another shitty day.
i swear, sometimes
my shitty days run into each other giving me a shitty weeks.
i think i'm in the middle of a
shitty month... that's shitty!

my goddamn arm is totally fucked up.
i want to cut
it off at the elbow.
i don't know what the fucking problem is! i mean, i'm a hygienic clean
i smell good ya know... clean... squeaky!
strawberry glycerin scented soap
everyday, all over me everywhere, come here...
smell me. taste me. good, hey?
okay, you
can stop now 'cuz you're making me feel uncomfortable.
i hardly know you.

the point i'm making is i'm a well-bathed clean little girl, so then...
what the fuck is up
with my arm?
it absolutely has devastated me.
it grosses me out.
it hurts like a
opposed to when i was having it done and it hurt like a bitch.

in the
bible it says you're not supposed to mutilate or decorate your body,
'cuz god will get really
cheezed at you,
but that guy jesus died for are sins right?
so i figure when i get to
right before i have a drink with bob karsnarik and andrew wood,
i'll get an
appointment with god and explain to him,
i could wear long sleeve shirts and no one would see
i hope he goes for it.
i bet krishna and those dudes would let me hang out at
their pad if god was too bummed at me.
or i could just wait at the gates for my mom,

'cuz she'll outlive me, and then she could go talk to him about me,
kinda like she did
when i got suspended in grade
10 for smoking in the boys' washroom and she had to schmooze the

uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yet another shitty day.
sometimes i swear my shitty
days run into each other,
giving me a shitty weeks.
i think i'm in the middle of a
shitty month: that's: shitty
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