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Artist:Naked Bif
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Album:Bif Naked
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:my mother gave me one more reason
not to call you on the phone.
she told me, chase girls
like that
all yer life and you'll wind up alone.
i guess i would just like to take you

out for a cappuccino,
you refuse my advances once again,
i can't hear one more no!

i wish you would get over him,
i'll change yer mind about

when i wink at you, you always
turn the other cheek,
i drilled a
hole in the girls' showers
so that at you i could peek,
i'd love to get you naked and
throw you
in the back of my dad's car,
i hear that if i get to third base with you,

it won't be too far!

i wish you would get over him,
i'll change yer mind about
as i grow older i feel better
about me and myself,
i swear i never, ever
once wished
i was anybody else.
i'd like to tell you i think you should
come up and
see me sometime,
i know that i could possibly make it
the best time of yer

i wish you would get over him!
i'll change yer mind about everything
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