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Artist:Naked Aggression
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Track:Life on the road
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:We're hitting the road for a couple of weeks
We got places to go, we got people to meet
all you cool cats come in off the street
Yo-daddy-yo, you'll get knocked off your feet
music will make you go crazy again and again--
People are jumpin' around- nobody seems to
They just wanna dance- they just wanna let loose
They just wanna have fun- we've got
nothing to lose
The police try to shut us down
They're scared of all the crazy looking
freaks around
We keep on playing 'til they cut the power switch
A riot breaks out, we leave
pretty quick
We gotta keep on movin', gotta make it to the next show
Can't afford another
night in jail- Let's go
There's a party every night after the show
We like to be social, we
like to hang out
Everybody's havin' fun they have nothing to prove
Music's blastin' all
night we're all feeling good
--The music will make you go crazy again and again--
People are
laughing- havin' a good time
Exchangin' ideas- speakin' their minds
Nobody's uptight- just
being themselves
Things are gettin' kinda wild- we're all raisin' hell
The party keeps goin'
all through the night
The neighbor's keep tellin' us to be quiet
We climb in the van and we
leave at sunrise
We get going we'll see you next time
We gotta keep movin' gotta make it to
the next show
Wish we could stay longer- Let's go
Every major city has it's own punk
The underground will never die if you know what I mean
There will always be
dissenters, people who really know
Until the revolution comes, we'll keep meeting at the
--The music will make you go crazy again and again--
You're full of anger and hate-
caused by the mainst
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