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Artist:Naked Aggression
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Track:Revolution on the Way
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:You asked me how I'm doing today
I say the same as yesterday, struggling to get by
what I have to do to survive
You said what's your problem, you can change
Get a full time
job, live the American way
I looked you in the eye and said
I just wanna get away from it
There are many people just like me
who have lost all hope in society
We're singing
the revolution is on the way
Everybody's sayin' the same thing
from suburban
youth to inner city gangs
Things are going to explode
this generations future is looking
More and more people are going to jail
The standard of living is shot to hell
much will it take?
People will only be pushed so far
The struggle continues,
it's always around
There's power in numbers
We can't be held down
If you think it's
futile and nothing can change
Roll over and die and get out of our way
Don't hold us
We're singing the revolution is on the way
A free world for
We're singing the revolution is on the way!
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