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Artist:Naked Aggression
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Album:Naked Aggression
Track:Ode To A Fucked Up World
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Sometimes I hate reality, it makes me feel so bad.
Seeing people hurt eachother and they don't
even care.

I think of self-destruction but I tell those thoughts to go
I won't give up, I will hang on. I'll keep living form day to day.
I don't plan ahead
or think of yesterday,
I wonder what to do now instead.
I think about this fucked up world
until my eyes are blazing red.

Every time I watch the news or read a magazine,
pain and suffering in this world make me want to scream.
People hating others because the color
of their skin.
People rape and kill each other for fucked up reasons
We lived in a FUCKED UP WORLD! (x4
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