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Track:Raining On The Sky (Original)
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:When the night falls on metropolis
Neon dissonance, warm lipstick
When the moon shines on
the playground
I will find you in the tinsel town

Moving shadows in the shape of what
you want to see
Painted fingers and the aromatic Jean Nat
And when they're spinning you can
see them do the strangest things
Building bridges from the slivers of another's dream

What ever you want
I'll give it to you, I will
What ever the cost
I'll get
it for you, I will

Let's go raining on the sky
Throw a kiss and wave
Let's go raining on the sky
And one kiss seals the tie

Riding home she
falls asleep inside a Checkered Cab
In a dream she comes across Alice In Wonderland
Maddest Hatter surely had her in the recent past
Now she hears him saying
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