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Track:The Road Home
Date Added:18/10/2007
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I was stranded
Tired, cold and branded
By my own heart who calls out your
I saw the ocean
Endless blue
She dragged me in til I learned the truth
one wrong move could lead me so far away from you

And then the shore ahead in the

I believe in the power of man
In a sinner's losing hand
In a love you
always know
And I pave the road home

Warm the earth
She has left me
wander through this cold sea
On a slow ride that answers my soul
To see the eye of life,
the sun of man
Unstone the heart of the clenching hand
When all the lies are buried deep
in sand
You keep yourself afloat

And when you reach you find you'll begin

I believe in the power of man
In a sinner's second chance
In a love you
call your own
And I pave the road home

I was almost gone
But then you warmed
the tide
I had lost sight
You revealed the light inside

I believe in the power
of man
In a sinner's final stand
In a love you know will grow
And I pave the road
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