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Track:Enslave The Astral Forces
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:The slench in the air
is cold as a winter night
The loss of my inner guest
The fallen
star faded away...

Deeper, deeper I sink
into the embrace of sorrow
The winds of
liars caresses me
Down here in the crying
valley of the dreamers
Detest and yearning
tears me apart

I can see the thousand points of light
up in the burning sky
And I
knew: it has to be done...

The salt of anquish
fills my bleeding veins
My heart is
pierced by it's falseness

The pride is defeated
once again as I
I stand under a flaming sky

Deeper, deeper I sink
in hope to find the fallen
and the secrets of the northern lights
Aurora Borealis, Stellae Trajectio
Never again...
Nothing forever...

I can see the thousand points of light
in the burning sky
And I knew: it had to be done...
And it seems like I'm swallowed
it's mass of oblivion
and forever to be in flames...
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