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Track:Sunless Dawn
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Hear the howlings in the night
I'm one with its might
Enchated by the calling cries

as I gaze into the sombre skies
Awaiting the shining
The fire never seen
for the darkened path which'll
leads me straight to the one who dance in my dreams...
surrounding flames I must be wrapped
Wolves run by my side
as I walk towards eternity

In hate they'll gather with my shadow
as the moon arise
A scent of twilight
fading woods I march
I glimmer a shyness in the red
In eternal dreams I drown
As the
children of Fenriz
sang their moonlight serenades
I made love to the midnight winds

The forest embraced me
with its impurity
In ecstacy my tears fell
like autumn
silver rain
Now I stand above the human race
I've solved it all, the mysteries of night

Its revealed to me
With a smile I see
These stars (unseen) formations
breeds my sunless dawn
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