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Track:Black God Aftermath
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Droning winds sang my name in choirs so silent and grievous
Imploring me to awaken, to enlighten
my moonlit eyes
Famished, grinning in pain, branded stiff by those scorching rays
In vicious
grief these tears I shed, when beholding my fallen realm
In shadows entangled, in solitude I
Cold hymns of obedience engulves my resurrected soul
Feed me... fill my lungs with the
souls of the sacrificed ones
Worship... call for the black god aftermath, call for my

Aftermath... call for my return!

As the son of the elders I'll see
As a
descendant of the dark breeds the hate I feel
Only my own cries of vengeance I hear
speak my name! Bow before me...
I'm the one who'll stand by the throne
Of fire born with
darkness within
Behold my call for this night that soon shall fall...

Raising the
chalice for the black god aftermath, to it's glory and grace

Bring the damned souls into
me, bring the virgin's blood to invoke me!
Hear my hunger, listen to the nocturnal preaching of
Shadow wings embrace the earth, lay the land forever in dusk
Unveil me, the faceless
one... The one forlorn and once dethroned
Let my gimness be unleashed, set free the holocaust
with me
Cold humns of obediance unchains my wrath upon the earth
Arrival... the birth of an
era obscured by sulphur and flames

Aftermath... call for my return!

Now brimstone
fills the black nights, since aeons riding these winds
Still, the black god aftermath prevails
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