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Track:Into The Cold Voids Of Eternity
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:A chilling wind grasps my soul as I walk through the twilight gates
Choirs of grief are heard
from the spirits of the ancient breed
Now I know what lies beyond, now I know my fate
dwell in the fathomless depths of eternity

Into the cold voids of

Landscapes clad in the frozen veils of dusk
Spiritual forces and naked
fields - they greet me infernally
And so I saw demonic forces rising from the chasms
Once dreaming but now awake, as they storm out through the gates

Bewitched by
their splendour I soared with the foul
Carried by their demon wings
Darkness embraces me,
with stygian supremacy

Into the cold voids of eternity

Witchadorned -
chaosspawn - mighty ones grasp this world with hate
Scorch the slaves with the flames of your
burning eyes
The weak shall mourn and weep as they squirm upon their stakes
Pain enthroned
in a blaze of everlasting fire
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