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Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[F] Uhh!

[D] Heistmaster [F] Get paid nigga!
[D] Heistmaster [F] Let's get paid
[D] Heistmaster [F] Get paid nigga!
[D] Heistmaster [F] Let's get paid!

Everybody hit the floor, you know what time it is
[D] Old bitch, don't move, take off the jewels
and shine-eses
{Please don't shoot me mayn}
[F] Papi play the game right, and ery'thang'll
be aight
{There go the safe!}

[Lil' Fame]
It ain't no time for
Get over there papi tell 'em the combination
Tell 'em Ron's got his car
I don't give a fuck if he beg, Boom shoot him in the head

comin in on the side

[Lil' Fame]
Fuck the bizzo get the money and shit, make sure that
motherfucker die
Dolo (?) fuckin standin there lookin silly
Yo Boom, give me a hand {Yo,
where the fuck is Billy?}
He went outside to the car y'all
It's (?) and dark black, I'm
dumpin papi off at the Baha
{Let's hurry up before the shit get hot}
Yeah because this old
bitch is blowin up the spot
They say nigga do anything for dough
And now I'm the nigga with
the dough, so old bitch, you gotta go
{*BANG*} Yo I've been schemin on the spot for about a

And now you got what you want, so let's get out of here

We ain't no motherfuckin joke
We caught ten thou', and a motherfuckin ounce of weed to
{*conversations for a second or two*}
Yo... oh shit, five-oh!
Let's get the fuck
up out of Dodge

I'ma make a right here

[Lil' Fame]
Yeah, drop us
off by the garage
We gotta get away, some way, some how
The cop's on our ass, feet don't
fail me now
I say
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