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Track:Brooklyn/Jersey Get Wild
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Chorus: Treach
Till death do us, can't move us
We can rat-tat-a-tat-tat-a or build, it don't
Holler if you hear this, realness
Thugs gon' feel this, Brooklyn banger Jersey
steal shit

[Billy Danze]
Now we have met and connect with a lot of different
MC's [sho nuff]
Raised hell to alot of different degrees
And we have the Constitution of
Rights to bear arms
To flare arms, whenever we fear harm
It's near [yeah, clack clack], keep
it right
If you pro gang, you don't belong around here soldier
I'm like fish scale, without
the pedastool
Come to teach the new school, true school jewels
I'm never followin them
fools, I'm a real stand up dude
I makes my own motherfuckin rules
So what's it gonna be, let
me know
Bucka bucka blow, bucka blow blow, there you go
And we foul to eliminate these
And the best way is to eliminate these faggots
All disrespect attended
To anybody
who may be affended, by the way I represented
And I'm no stranger, to danger
Dance with a
strange man in a field with anger
Now ain't that ghetto, for ya
Cock sucka, we will proceed
to squeeze and sproll muthafuckas


Hook: Treach
Till death ditty do us,
and they say tough tough ditty to us
We'll be stompin bitches till they shoot us, get

[Lil Fame]
Who wanna go against the man, that walked across hot
Banned for the kicked down door for my whole empire
Rapid fire, [First Family], Rapid
Fire, [M.O.P.]
See, I know alot, seen alot, don' been thru alot
Took alot, never took a
God forbid, If I took a hot slug for a reason
Try to understand my pain, roll up some
trees an'
Reminisce on them feels I was
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