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Track:Down 4 Whateva
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Brooklyn! Uh, yeah! Now, check this shit out

Verse one: O.C.

Now check this
motherfucking capo right here
Mash Out Posse SLASH O.C. come together like a glock and a
We gon' jam when its time to blast!
Big niggaz that rap, we bout to get in your
We done played the background, ay-yo all my peops
I'm naming names, fuck it, it's
I'm taking it back to some Brooklyn shit
With this ten-man clique
Who don't know how
to act, lookin for some niggaz to hit
And if you ever think it can't happen to you
You might
just end up in the East River with some bale-ass shoes
I ain't playin no more, I'm gonna bring
it to your ass raw
I flipped the word around, nigga, this means WAR
Yo, fuck that,
Brooklyn's on the map forever
To Billy and Fame, I hope you niggaz down for whatever
Mike, go get the guns when its time to shoot
To Brooklyn I give a 21-GUN SALUTE


Flatbush *cut and scratched*
--Crown Heights--
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