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Track:Ride With Us
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Firing Squad nigga
Firing Squad!
Uh, First Family
Top notch nigga

[Billy Danze]
I used to have so much confidence in myself
But now my game is
changed and my pain's been felt
My hand's been dealt, but it was a missed deal
And words
won't express the way a man William feel
I came up with them thugs, I grew up in that
Got my hands covered in blood, to stay above
The world (to see a better day)
my children need, and I can't find a fuckin way
What can I say, I'ma stressed ghetto
I'm shell shocked from a back block off Saratoga
Remember what I told ya, I'm
thirsty now
In fact I feel like everybody's out to hurt me now
Roll wit me now, am I the
only cat that never see the
M slash O dash P on your TV and the
Industry keep fucking wit
So I brought my cousins wit me
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