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Track:1/2 And 1/2
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[Lil Fame]
Here comes the revolutionist, executionist
Flip a triple six into three nines,
cause a crucifix
Each man holdin, no man foldin
Coast is clear and Premier's in the green
tank rollin
Prepare, get on your post and stand clear
They wantin to shut us down but the
home team's here
What? You act like you're sweet or something
This ain't no Desert Storm
bullshit war, we all dumpin
CODENAME, Jamel wit non-strap
Wit six clips of teflon, suited in
Got kevlar helmets wit masses
Wearin mob gear in cause they try to infumigate us
wit gases
MISSION--to seek and destroy
We were sent to get rid of you, make the situation
First Family will gradually, lift that ass up like gravity
And turn your body frame
into a cavity
NFO--that's No Fair Ones
Watch me nine milly turn into a flare gun
wit the same marksman
Known for gunnin and runnin and bombin
Wit the ?lyrics? squeeze of my
gun barkin, YA HEARD!!
You know my family style
I'm goin out wit my gun in my hand like Big
I ain't got nuttin to lose, so move on me if there's something to prove, fool
This is

""There's a war goin on outside no man is safe from"" [Prodigy]
what you gonna do since you know now""
""There's a war goin on outside"" ""It's impossible to
stop"" [Guru]

This world's a twisted maze, but I got the swiftest blades
swords they can slice and dice precise ways
Those who come against me, can get blazed, sprayed
and laid
No trace, just a glimpse of my face, hittin the shade
You look up, there's a full
moon in the sky
And all my would-be enemies, yeah they're soon to die
Livin in this warzone,
we frequent fly at home
Many of us grow
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