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Track:Hes Dead Jim
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Please don't beam me down with Kirk, McCoy and Spock
Cause if you do, I know that you'll be dead
by 1 o'clock
Maybe I'll be vaporized or crushed beneath some granite
Bones will look at jim
and say I'm just a doctor dammit

I'm an extra - on Star Trex
It's my break - on
The fourth man in the landing crew
It's the last you'll see of me

They didn't
ask me I wanted to go
And if they did - I would have told them NO
Just because my shirt is
red this doesn't have to be
Every time they beam down 4 they only beam back 3

I'm an

So when they need men to beam down, don't be a volunteer
Just stay up
at the helm and help Sulu steer
The Enterprise is much more fun when Scotty runs the crew
you beam down - I'll say aboard and have some tribal stew

I'm an extra............
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