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Track:The Rebel You Love To Hate
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:As I enter the room it gets silent
my identity by itself causes violence
it must be the
rebel in me
walking a line that's plain enough to see
don't step up - step off!
cause my
deadly bite will rip your head off
why even sweat, never let it bother
I inherited Pride
from my Father
who I am, is what I choose
and that't the way it is
it's who I am, it's
how I live
you think for a second that I care what you think
if I look into your eyes son,
you better not blink

the rebel you love to hate!

The rhythm, the rebel, the music
will level
hitting you hard like a ten ton shovel
I got pounds, so understand
I got
pounds, and the Master Plan
taking out punks with the back of my hand
making a point and
taking a stand
like 2Pac, you're gonna get popped
your ass I'm gonna rock, you're gonna get
don't care what you think - cause I wear the ring
don't care what you think - not a
damn thing
don't care what you think - my shit don't stink
if I look into your eyes son, you
better not blink

the rebel you love to hate!

hardcore - hard to the core
rhythm of the rebel makes you want more
so listen to the sound of the underground
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