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Artist:M.C. Shan
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Track:Words of a Freestyle
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:[ VERSE 1 ]
The microphone stand is where I make my escape
Out of the blue I see some dope
rhymes that I shoulda take
I used to say em off the top of my head, man, could I drop
Megaton bomb that was odd to stop, a
Movin train, hope I don't have to explain
any rapper step in my way, he's bound to be slain
The stage is the court, I'm the judge and the
And when rappers pass me by they should Heil to the Fhrer
Although you may hate me and
down to degrade me
There's some suckers walkin 'round tryin to cold imitate me
Never cursin
or rehearsin cause I'm so versatile
And you can tell by these words it's a freestyle

MC's I wipe out and rub them, don't care if you love them
And I wish you placed my
name ?that flies? way up above them
Each and every show I do ends with applause
lookin at you, kid, now go for yours
And if you choose not to, then I'm gonna take it
night you'll never forget: it's just what I make it
And it won't take long for me to sing a new
Because the key to gettin paid is you should never prolong
See my mind is set to
automatically jet
You can't name the day you seen me let a mic pass yet
Once the microphone
is mine I start by thankin you greatly
And you haven't heard of anybody duffin us
Never cursin or rehearsin cause I'm so versatile
You can tell by these words it's a

[ VERSE 3 ]
Just take another look at this one tough cookie
could never be duffed by a new jack rookie
See, before I came with an MC name
And I feel
sorry for the rapper that tries to proclaim
Because you won't have a chance and you will need
Marley hasn't made a beat yet that wasnc12
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