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Artist:Mattea Kathy
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Track:From a Distance
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Rhonda Kye FlemingJanis Ian)
Every love is different
Every love's the same
Every love
has memories
Every love has pain
I knew love at twenty
I knew love at nine
But the
love I know right now
Is the sweetest love I'll ever find
Every town's familar
town is strange
When you're feeling lonely
Every town's the same
I have dreamed of
And I have dreamed of Rome
But the dream we're in right now
Is the sweetest dream
I've ever known
Touch me
In the silent
Shelter of the night
Hide me
wrapped in your arms
Till morning light
Every love remembers
Every love forgets
had my share of sorrow's
But I have no regrets
Love is made of silver
Love is made of
But the love that we have made
Is the sweetest love I'll ever know
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