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Artist:Mattea Kathy
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Track:What a Wonderful Beginning
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:(Tim O'Brien)
Up along the hallway
Down along the stairs
I can see the
We've made down through the years
And it makes me blue, darlin'
Thinking of the
And I'm truly sorry
I couldn't make it last
Walk the way the wind blows
Cry the
tears I've cried
Hopin' for you, darlin'
To be here by my side
I've gotta do some
Of where to go from here
Walk the way the wind blows
Wipe away the tears
remember darlin'
When you first came to me
All the air was sweet then
And all our time
was free
But like the leaves that wither
Our hearts fell away
I think I'll just go out
And walk my blues away
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