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Artist:Mad Skillz
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Track:The Nod Factor
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Verse 1
I know your tired of bouncin so check this here
we got tha back breakin club shakin
beat for this year peep the steelo and the flow
I gotcha head noddin cuz your neck
already knows
so pass the mic and watch Skillz rip fast
and have niggas up in parties
catchin whiplash
slash the wack..who tryin to bite my style
take yo ass to da old
and part your fuckin eyebrows
I comin through to
about to get set
so act like
WU..Protect that Neck
I still calm..Im still tendin to the song
I be blowin up spots like I
was sendin out mailbombs
stya calm and be noddin see
Im like a black president(why)
niggas aint seein me
has beens they both like bad skinz so face it
after this joint yo we
passin out some neck braces

I gotcha head noddin cuz your neck knows it
check it out like this and then like that
[Repeat *4]


My track
packs enery like nuclear reactors
I be Mad Skillz and this be the Nod Factor
after Mc's
smoke me take a toke
I'll fuck your career like the cast on Diffrent Strokes
no joke..I see
airlines and start aimin rhymes
My shit will have hard niggas in soul train lines
bumpin wit
this big black broad named Belinda
oh you rap dont say jack
and walk quiet like a
I so you can expect to go to Cairo
so I can practice checkin that neck
and got set
cuz guess what I'm the one to set it
you regret it
cuz my beats employin
I wet it
yeah and it will stay that way
I know you'll be back
probably got some rhymes on lay away
But I be here freakin fat funk to make you sweat
do me
a favor
and tell your neck that I aint finished yet

Chorus(Repeat *4)
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