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Artist:Mad Skillz
Taken from the album From Where by Mad Skillz
Album:From Where
Track:Unseen World
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:featuring SupaFriendz
(J'Von Kalonji Lil' Roc Lonnie B Mindbenda)

Yeah what?
Time for lyrical shanks to your gut
Death to wack MC's

First up is my nigga Lonnie B

[Lonnie B]
First up to make it liver I
catch wreck like drunk drivers
Been through many battles but I left no survivors
WHASSUP? Those that want a beef nigga bring it on
Cause when I'm done it'll be my dick that
you're swingin on
From the way I say my rap clear
I make people more excited than a
faggot that got a pap smear
The crooked truth rap sensation, I ain't to be fucked with

You better off practicin masturbation
Line after line I bring excitement like a
So put rubbers on your ears, then diaphragms on your woofer
as the rhyme
buster, mic clutcher, from Richmond
show the real definition of the word represent

(SOUTHSIDE!) The place where I dwell so
recog-NAS NAS NAS, that _It Ain't Hard to Tell_

who's the best, blessed with lyrical, context that kick
Just like that little girl
that got shot in +Fresh+
Word to momma, I'm hotter than that nigga with the bomber

leather pants on, in hell holdin hands with Jeffrey Dahmer
Yo, let me make this clear - I
ain't the baddest rapper out there
but I'ma take his place until he get here

The sun shitter, hoarse all-star spitter
More ? and asteroid transfixer

Upchucks the medicine, chest of anguish
In a fantasy, holy sign language
hit worlds, and my strange sperm gives birth
to septuplet lady plants
Check my
tympanic titanic time pulse
By the grace of the Immortal One
I am the poisonous
priest of fifty until the ?m'salaam?
So every naked ape on Earth bow down in silence

to the slumlord, of all universe reality
Ironic supalism sodomizes your mentality

Science super-mystics and futuristics join in wedlock
So my freon cyrogenics make your head
rot pop then bust
from galactic cryathallic mechany mal ??


Preposterous, ice in my drop, yeah that's niggaz
when I bend prisms and ride
soundwaves in your eutrichula
Malopropism is none, when I cerebrum wash in your brain pan

Mixin ooze, your state of bein and attitude
Petuitary shrinks, accepts it when

I bite then flatten your head
Richencypholic surgeon of my cosmorama, astrophysical

Invades one, individual stands
and uses cosmic radiation as a cosmetic
beautify inner fantastic, gory flow
So, writing weak rhymes to your boomin system is no mo'

when I induce arthritic rheumatism
in dosages in sterile toxosins, ex-osmosis

Infect the schlerois, of your trickanumerolagia
Understand, who are you, to defend against,

[Mad Skillz]
Yeah the Northside click, rocks the spot
Forever People, rocks the spot
DJ Street, rocks the spot
To the Roc comin next, time
to get your props

[Lil' Roc]
Yo, umm, befo' I knock out yo' lies

there is something you need to know
Breakin mo' grounds than aftershocks from the
earthquakes in San Fran'
More determination than a bull, seein Redman
Technic glare +From Where???+
Competition say I gotta be display em in a photo album

Disorganized has the other file
Bein flamboyant like ? herbal user, slash, barracuda

with key maneuvers like silent troopers of styles
?? to split your wig and nip your eyebrows

Go to space and greet the stars, huh
Started chewin on the Milky Way, thought it was
the candy bar
You get the gong cause we niggaz do wrong
and if you're young, and in
love, do the moves of Michael Evens
singin songs, big up to my peoples Northside

Show the brotherhood, how I recognize

I've been, detonatin
equivalyrical exposives
Rambo soldiers deep like the black trials of Moses
and wisdom accelerates my pendulum
No attackin my forces of life, cause I got ten of em

Dangerous, disciple killin images
My warfare dreads be just like Nemesis

Infiltrates, holy massacres like ?tnakarid?
My religion break down prisons for missionaries

In it to survive, so enlist, in strategies
My non-exist thinkin only lead, to
I'm battlin, invadin, interceptin
Makin sure don't nuttin move in your
Don't misinterpret my threats as just talk
and the raise of a hand can make,
worlds start haltin
The almighty, leavin Gods and nations lost
Cause when my shit
hits I leave holes like sawed-offs

[Mad Skillz]
Yo, it's the Mad child layin
verses like tile
Niggaz go impotent, when I kick these potent ass freestyles
MC's get mad and look at me hard
Cause they used to be the shit, like McDonald's on Broad

It's odd, how niggaz try to bomb
Then I be fadin more motherfuckers than AIDS story
Throwin niggaz away like apple cores - I don't wanna see shit
but some hits
and Ed McMahon at my front door
I'm rippin tapes, niggaz still makin SHIT cakes

Slippin down to fall off dudes tryin to get they shit straight
I'm tryin to get paid troop
-- I want more G's
than a girl named GiGi gaggin on some gin and garlic glue
think they hype, but they ain't touchin these
Their styles plaid out like stripe cuffed
Please! In ninety-five, I'ma be straight
Stealin MC's like DJ's be stealin
milk crates
Ask Dre, can't nobody hack it, they ill Dre?
You get beheaded with a
motherfuckin hatchet
Haste makes waste and taste the bass
When you see me - you
don't see me get the FUCK out my face

To that nigga Speedis Toine, rock the house

To them heads Raw Deal, rock the spot
To Mike the Merciless, rock the spot
my brother Danja Mowf, rock the spot
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