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Artist:Mad Skillz
Taken from the album From Where by Mad Skillz
Album:From Where
Track:Tip of the Tongue
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Mad Skillz]
Uhh.. nine five shizzot in the hizzouse
Uh what nigga? Tch uhh uhh

Watch my style rise like ? on your eyes
And battlin is hard like
retards becomin Jedi's
Watch the dread fry submerge it from tripes
Born from a
virgin with a eye in her back
So where you at when I choose to chew through rhythms

makin bitches WOOF like they had seven niggaz with em
MC's is sleazy plus they
styles is easy
Fool take that shit to help son and give it to fuckin Wheezy
Helen, I'm crackin open MC's melons
Tonight aight yo, I'ma leave some microphones swellin

(Man I be flowin) Whatcha flow got to do with me?
Yo I'm wiser so be Pryor and act
like you can't see
I'm the abyss so wack niggaz take a dive
I'm over killer beats
the average kids won't survive
You wanna battle? Come on and bring it on son
I got
your whole family tree on the tip of my tongue

Chorus: Mad Skillz (repeat 4X)

Floatin lyrics, from the tip of my tongue
I swing (swing) I sway (sway) I
swung (swung)

[Mad Skillz]
Check it
I flow with tight raps, niggaz
get a tight face
Attitude's, like I parked in they handicapped space
but I wets it,
wrecks it when I mic checks it
Givin girls my number backwards, tellin em I'm dyslexic

Don't front -- you know what type of shit I'm on
Rippin mics of all types, Verbal
Master Sha-Kwan
You were warned about the Northside click
Bitch, flex, and get your
neck stretched like Dionne Warwick
Let me lick a shot for all my niggaz in the streets

Gettin ill keepin it real doin what they gotta do to eat
Compete and get hit with
dizzy techniques
The only crossin over I'm doin is a motherfuckin street
So listen,
I get in where I fit in and word to God
I like beats hard like holdin your shit in, sit in

on the session watch your body get numb
A real MC keeps his skills on the tip of his
tongue, what?


[Mad Skillz]
Verse, tre, who's tryin to
leave in a hearse today?
See Skillz has skills since your great grandma'a first birthday

In the worst way, my styles be diesel
My crew ain't goin no-fuckin-where nigga we the
Forever People
Gettin rid of, bullshit, when I bang ya
So MC's don't talk to me,
just consider me a stranger
Take a toke I hope you don't choke
Cause if you ever see
my shit it'll be through a kaleidoscope
Leavin marks to embark then gettin beat sparked

Floatin lyrics from the tip like an ark
I got rhymes to stand the test of time

I'm bound to climb, when I go one time for your mind
I'm fulfillin my purpose in
life, pah (what is it?)
See I was put here so wack niggaz, would know how wack they are

You know who you are your shit's saggin, word is bond
My shit's tighter than five
virgins in a Volkswagen

Chorus 2X

Do you have any idea how tight,
that, five virgins, well, fuck it
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